Top 5 Things worth Trying to Secure a Girl at a Concert

Meeting and making new friends is easier nowadays compared to decades ago. Online dating portals and local agencies connect people instantly. Daters marvel at the avenues available. Attending a concert, however, changes the dynamics. It is slightly harder picking a girl among hundreds of men hoping for the same.

Risk and Reward

A girl at a concert is likely to have company whether relatives or lovers. This company might be displeased to know you are hitting on her. However, small signs will show her availability. These signs are windows of opportunity to meet beautiful Russian brides, and make merry with Slavic women. Here are a few tips for securing more than winks with a girl at a concert.

1. Navigate to the Front

Navigate to the front and as close as possible to the artists. This is where the hottest girls hang out and are available. Girls at the center and toward the back are surrounded by rowdiness. Also, girls up front are seeking fun and are not interested in drunkenness. Making your way to the front allows you to talk to someone. Meanwhile, the rowdy crowd will be binging on drinks and other narcos to be concerned.

2. Buy a Drink

When at a concert drinks aren’t always passed around. Many find their way to the drinks stand and never make it back. Finding a girl a drink and bringing it to her as you would at a bar is power. Do not send a friend or the vendors to deliver. Be sure to make the extra effort to fight your way through the crowd and hand her the drink. She will not ignore the effort and might even invite you for more partying afterward.

3. The Afterparty

All concerts have several parties that take off immediately after the concert is over. Some of these might begin before the end of the concert and things have slowly become boring. Invite her to an after-party and ensure your intentions are at the tip of your tongue. She will initially need to know what you seek from her. Why choose her and not the other hundreds of girls around? Convincing her that their intentions are pure might seem overwhelming, but if you find her interesting it is worth it.

4. Focus on the Now

Most people flirt with statements about a possible future together. Most men mention wanting to hang out later. The idea is to meet beautiful Russian brides immediately and enjoy their company immediately. The sentiments of immediacy show readiness for immediate action and no beating around the bush.

5. Show Interest

If you are in proximity then wink or show interest. Every time there is an interlude you should wink or smile to draw her attention. Avoid being lewd or bid farewell to the possibilities of a date. It is these small gestures that show her there might be love in the air aside from all the noise around her. Plus, she won’t pick the hints of an interested party via telepathy.

Bottom Line

Making merry with someone at a concert should center on more than drinks or ululations. Focus on eyeing the interesting babe and then navigate toward her. These basic moves win many hearts and make lots of happy couples. A concert takes a long time to complete, so emphasize eye contact and bottles of water and you will likely win her over.

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