Improving Kid’s Skills through Stories

Kids love listening to stories, and it is important for parents to develop their interest. Stories play an essential role in the development of the creative and critical thinking of kids. Nowadays, since both parents are usually working, storytime for kids can act as a bonding time for the family. It is not just kids who enjoy stories; adults too love to hear and read them. Through stories and poems, kids learn to speak different words and know the world around them. Storytelling helps in the overall development of children even before they get into preschool.

When it comes to kids’ stories, one has to be careful about what stories they choose. Since kids grasp everything they see or hear quickly, you have to make sure the stories are age-appropriate. If you don’t have a storybook for kids, you can easily find them on BYJU’S famous bedtime stories. You could easily read them to your child and see how much they enjoy it. Bedtime stories are essential for any child as they grow up, and we’ll discuss how important they are.

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Importance of Bedtime Stories

Stories are not always about bonding time or fun time; they are much more than that. Let’s look at some of the benefits of kids’ bedtime stories.

  • Enhances their listening skills – Kids generally try to do what they hear or see and telling them stories is a good way to enhance these skills. Since most kids nowadays spend more time on electronic gadgets, it is hard for them to concentrate on anything for a long time. Storytelling makes sure that kids sit in one place and listen to the stories attentively. This attention helps them to remember what they have heard the entire time.
  • Encourages being creative – You may have noticed that kids who read stories or listen to them, tend to be a bit more creative than the others. It is because stories allow kids to imagine and soar beyond the clouds! While listening to stories, they imagine whatever they hear; thus, this helps them be creative.
  • Teaches them morals – Most bedtime stories have a beautiful moral hidden in them. And when as parents, you are reading them to your children, you can make them understand the importance of having morals in life. Like lion and the mouse, the short story teaches that it doesn’t matter what your size is or who you are; you can help anyone if you want, and your kindness will always be appreciated. So, these kinds of stories help the parents to instil good moral values in their children.
  • Improves their communication skills – If a child grows up listening to stories, he starts to communicate more quickly than other children. While listening to stories, when asked how they feel about it, they try to communicate their views. The repeated listening of the words from the stories also helps them develop their vocabulary. And once they understand the words’ meaning, it becomes easier for them to use those words in their conversations.
  • It makes reading easier – If a kid develops a habit of reading stories from a young age, it becomes easier for them to read fluently with time. Since they become accustomed to the most commonly used words, they can read long texts easily without struggling. So it’s advisable that as parents, you should develop the habit of reading in your kids.

Different Ways to Hear Bedtime Stories

Today most parents don’t get time to read their children bedtime stories. But as bedtime stories play an important role in the child’s development, they must be included in their life one way or another. Here are a few ways by which parents can get their children to hear bedtime stories, even if they can’t get time.

  • Record one bedtime story each day and ask them to listen to the recordings.
  • Log into BYJU’S as we have plenty of bedtime stories that will keep your child engrossed.
  • Go in for video bedtime stories; this will help them to use their ‘mobile time’ wisely.

In these ways, you can still include bedtime stories in their daily routine and make their childhood memories memorable.

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