How You Can Benefit from General Dentistry Services

General dentistry aims to prevent and treat common dental problems like dental decay and missing teeth. Regular teeth cleanings and checkups can help you maintain a healthier smile and prevent dental diseases. To obtain a healthier smile, your teeth can benefit from general dentistry Bellevue services through restorations, cleanings, and patient education.

General dentistry aims to treat but can also improve oral appearance, especially when replacing missing teeth.

Common general dentistry treatments

The following are common services you can receive under general dentistry.

Dental checkups

Dental checkups involve scheduled appointments to check your teeth and their progress. Your dentist can first perform a physical exam and ask about any symptoms. Then, they can proceed to other tests like X-rays to get a better picture and understanding of your dental needs. Dental exams can help identify disease early, or they can help track treatment progress.

Professional teeth cleaning

Although your specialist encourages daily teeth brushing and flossing, they also recommend regular professional teeth cleaning appointments. During dental cleanings, your dentist will target hard-to-reach areas in your mouth to remove plaque buildup and prevent cases of dental decay.

Root canal treatments

If you have dental decay, your dentist can recommend a root canal to avoid a tooth extraction procedure. During treatment, your doctor will create a small opening on the top of the affected tooth and remove the affected pulp. Next, they will clean and rinse the chamber with an antibacterial solution. Once it is dry, they will fill it with gutta-percha to prevent the progression of the decay.

Dental implants

You can undergo a dental implant restoration if you have missing teeth. The treatment is a better alternative to dentures because it is convenient, easy to maintain, and clean. Dental implants are made from titanium or gold, which provide a sturdy base for teeth replacement.

Benefits of general dentistry

General dentistry can benefit your teeth in the following ways.

Improve dental function

Your teeth are meant to help with chewing and speaking. If you are missing one or more teeth, you can replace your teeth to improve speech and eating capabilities. You can opt for dental implants or crowns for a normal-functioning artificial tooth.

Improve oral health

Regular dental checkups and cleanings can improve your dental health. Checkups, including physical exams or imaging scans, can help detect a dental concern, prompting early treatment and preventing disease progression. Professional teeth cleanings can remove plaque buildup and prevent the formation of cavities.

Preserve healthy jawbone and gumline

When you miss teeth, your jawbone and gum line can deteriorate due to disuse. Once you replace the teeth, they stimulate your jawbone and strengthen it. Biting down helps your jawbone provide a sturdy base for your teeth and avoid problems like receding gums.  

If you have dental problems like missing teeth or dental decay, visit EZ Dental Clinic for general dentistry services. The available team at the clinic will evaluate your dental concerns before creating a treatment plan. Call or schedule your appointment online today to improve your dental health. 

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