5 Ways to Prepare for Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Also called a sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss treatment that removes 80 percent of your stomach without limiting its function. During this procedure, a gastric sleeve Frisco surgeon removes a portion from the outer curvature of your stomach and uses a special stapler to transform it into a smaller banana-shaped organ.

The results are very helpful for people with health conditions associated with being overweight, including sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and obesity. If you have a gastric sleeve surgery lined up, you can ensure you have an easy time by preparing appropriately. Here are five things you can do.

Exercise and Create and Follow a Diet

Before your doctor okays your surgery, they will want to see a positive change in your relationship with food and exercise. Many providers will recommend you start an exercise regimen and demonstrate you can lose some weight on your own. Therefore, get in the habit of exercising regularly, starting off with low-impact exercises like walks and moving up to higher levels. You can ask for guidance from your doctor or work with a trainer. You should also accompany this with a change in your eating habits.

Watch What You Eat

Changing your diet is crucial to the success of your gastric sleeve surgery - both before, during, and after your procedure. In the two weeks leading up to your appointment, your doctor will recommend some dietary restrictions and changes that you should follow. You may need to incorporate more lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and fruits into your diet. You should also aim to consume at least 64 ounces (8 cups) of non-carbonated liquid a day. 24 hours before your surgery, you will go on an all-liquid diet.

Check Your Medications

Some OTC and prescription medications and supplements can undermine the effectiveness of gastric sleeve surgery. During your initial consultations with your doctor, give them a complete list of all the herbs, supplements, or medications you are taking. They will tell you which ones to avoid and for how long. Some medications you may need to discontinue include NSAIDs, hormones, and herbal supplements. You may also need to take some antibiotics, anticoagulants, and laxatives.

Quit Smoking

The outcome of your surgery will also hinge greatly on changes you make to your lifestyle before and after the procedure. One key change is to quit smoking. In addition to increasing your risk of other medical conditions, tobacco and other nicotine products can limit your bodys natural healing abilities. This means that, for the best results, you should stop consuming tobacco at least one month prior.

Change Your Wardrobe

You will start to lose weight in the weeks following your treatment. As your body changes in shape and size, it is important to change your wardrobe accordingly. But clothes you will wear as you move toward your target weight. But before that, you need to prepare for the surgery. Plan to stay one or two nights so carry enough clothes. You can bring some slippers, a robe, and a clean outfit to go home in after your hospital stay. Choose loose-fitting comfortable clothes and avoid jewelry and cosmetics.

Your Doctor Will Help You Prepare

From start to finish, your gastric sleeve surgery should last about an hour. You will then remain in the hospital for at least a night as you recover. As you will notice, preparing for your gastric sleeve surgery will be extensive and intense and include multiple changes to your lifestyle and diet. Your doctor can help make things easier by guiding you through the process. If you want to lose weight through gastric sleeve surgery, call a provider today and start discussions about how best you can prepare.

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