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New Zealand is an established cricket team that has cemented its position as one of the top dogs in T20 cricket today. Initially, at the beginning of the era of T20 cricket, they were considered underdogs and werent taken into account when talking about effective squads. They set the record straight by working hard and winning against some of the biggest teams in T20 cricket at the time. They earned everyones respect while also setting their sights on trophies for their silverware cabinet. Know more about latest news about cricket for New Zealand from this post.

The nations squad, although excelling in all fields of cricket, was mainly popular because of their bowling squad. The talent they had in their bowling unit was exceptional. Their bowlers were, and are, considered some of the best of this era of cricket in all formats.

The bowling side of New Zealand is known as the best for many reasons, one of them being its diversity in bowling techniques. Theyve got all types of bowling specialists, including fast bowlers, medium-fast, spin (off and leg), swing specialists, and even unorthodox spinners. With this plethora of options in bowling, theyve never failed to use the right choices at the right places.


More than limiting scores or bowling useful overs, New Zealand bowlers have mainly attained their success from wickets. They know exactly when to strike, where, and how to do it effectively. Its general knowledge that even when a game isnt looking very good for one side, a few wickets to that side can instantly change the tides and even win them the match. This situation has come up quite a lot for the T20 side of the New Zealand national team, with the bowlers coming to the rescue and saving the team.

With this much focus on their bowling side, lets take a look at the highest and best wicket-takers of their national side.


Timothy Grant Southee, debuting as a fast bowler at the young age of nineteen in 2008, is a cricketer for the national side of New Zealand who has participated in all formats of cricket for New Zealand and other local team leagues and also not forgetting the IPL. Hes categorized as a right-arm fast-medium bowler and a dependable lower-order batsman.

Southee is a professional swing bowler and knows how to handle swing even in difficult bowling conditions. Although he doesnt bowl the fastest deliveries his pinpoint accuracy and abundant collection of variations with the perfect camouflage confuse batsmen, making him a talented veteran bowler with a good amount of tricks up his sleeve.

Leading New Zealand wicket-takers in the T20 format with 134 scalps, he has established himself as an opener in his national sides bowling attack.


Inderbir Singh Sodhi, debuting as a bowler for the national team in 2013, is another cricketer who represents New Zealand in all formats of the sport. Hes right-handed, and his bowling style is mainly leg-spin, while he also bats at an average level in the lower order. After finishing in the top ten T20 International bowlers in 2017, he instantly rushed up to position number one in 2018, solidifying his strength as a solid bowler.

His T20 International debut was against the national squad of West Indies in 2014. After debuting, he kept improving the form of his bowling while also not letting the team down when they were in situations dependent upon the lower order saving them in batting.

His aggressive bowling style made New Zealands national selectors interested in his playing style. The technique he presented in spinning the ball, while also being passive-aggressive, led to more wickets and better economies, earning him a total of 111 scalps and exhibiting why he was No.1.


Mitchell Santner, debuting as a spin bowler for his national side in 2020, is another New Zealand cricketer with veteran experience, playing for all forms of the sport. Hes left-handed and is primarily a bowler who has come to be known as one of the most productive all-rounders in the sport. His batting style is aggressive, and his specialty in bowling is slow orthodox spin.

Santner is not only a dependable player on the national side but also has a good set of leadership skills, which he has taken upon himself on occasion. He has not disappointed in these ventures, representing the captaincy when his major counterparts were missing.

He was a part of the national team during the last season of the famous veteran New Zealand cricketer Nathan McCullum. The situation provided a good base for him to develop his skills, with a legendary bowler giving him advice on the sidelines. He brought a few unbelievable performances to the table throughout his career, giving him a total wicket span of 89 scalps in all of his appearances.


Trent Boult, debuting for the team in 2013 as a fast bowler, is another New Zealand cricketer who has extended his expertise to all forms of the game while also providing veteran experience to the younger and future part of the squad. Hes left-handed and a fast-medium bowler while also taking up the responsibility of a lower-order batsman, although he hasnt achieved anything of note in batting.

Boult has also taken a dabble into the responsibility of a leader for his national squad, leading them through a few impressive successes throughout their T20 tenure.

Boult specializes in swing bowling, being able to swing it both ways. His shorter build, compared to other fast-medium bowlers, is an effective source of deception. His ability to gather speed through this deception while concealing his different variations is his main highlight as a bowler. Hes also known for a particular deadly in swinger hes developed over the years. Not only is he a good bowler, but hes also appreciated for his quality efforts in fielding, recognized as a good fielder among cricketers. Hes earned a total of 74 scalps for his national team in the T20 format.

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