5 Tips for Winning at UNO Card Game Online

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5 Tips for Winning at UNO

UNO games online is a great card game that involves using a specialized deck. There are some great ways to increase your chances of winning at it.

1. Save Your Draw Cards

A lot of people like to put draw cards down early, and why wouldn’t they it makes them appear to be in control, but once they use it, it is over. Now the two reasons I like to save draw 2 cards are.

a. When someone else uses a draw 2 card on you, you can put a draw 2 card on top of that and make the next person draw 4 instead of having to draw 2 cards.

b. When someone has UNO you want to have some draw cards to stop them from winning the game.

2. Save Wild Cards

The same thing goes for wild cards; don’t use them unless you actually need to. Remember you can always put down a wild card, but you might not have another chance to put down your blue 4.

3. Make others with UNO draw

Even though it is a really good thing to save your draw cards for later you don’t want others to win the game. When someone is about to win stop them by making them draw 2 cards or something.

4. Watch Other Players

If the color is blue and you have 2 blues 2 reds and a wild, but someone else keeps trying to change it to blue it is OK to use your wild and change it to red and play your red cards because that person will probably try to change it back to blue.

5. Be Creative and plan ahead

Be creative when planning. If someone two turns after you is on UNO and you know the person directly after you has a draw 2 try to put down a draw two yourself. That would make the next person put down their draw two and force the person with UNO to draw 4.

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