Few Reasons Why People Gain Weight in Fairfax

While an increase in calorie intake or a reduction in exercise might logically lead to a rise in the numbers displayed on the scale, the situation becomes perplexing when the same routine is maintained, yet weight continues to climb. This is the juncture at which it becomes necessary to explore underlying factors that could be influencing the situation.

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There are a few good reasons why people may gain weight that we never pay attention to.

  1. Genetics

Children of obese parents are more likely to develop a weighty body. So, if such children do not exercise control over their food, they will gain weight.

2. Intake of junk foods

These days taking processed food has become a norm, and the companies that are marketing are also responsible. 

3. Addiction to food

Junk foods and sugary foods create addiction and as a result, they help in gaining weight.

4. Certain medication

As a side effect, several medicines might make you gain weight. For instance, antidepressants have been associated with gradual weight gain. Antipsychotic drugs and diabetic medications are more examples.

5. Sugar intake

The worst element of the modern diet might be added sugar. That is because consuming too much sugar alters your body’s biochemistry and hormones. In turn, this results in weight increase.

6. Lack of sleep

When you do not get enough sleep, changes in hormone levels can increase your hunger and appetite and you end up eating more.

7. Stress

Cortisol gets secreted, when you are stressed, which can increase your appetite. If you go for high-calorie foods while in stress can increase your weight.

8. PCOS among women

Most women during their childbearing age, may develop PCOS, which is a hormonal condition. With this condition, women may likely gain weight as they are insulin-resistant.

9. Hypothyroidism

People having thyroid issues are also likely to gain weight because of changes in hormone levels.

10. Quitting smoking 

You might also put on weight when you stop smoking, but maybe not as much as you think.

The reality is that to solve this issue on a worldwide basis, modern eating behaviors and food culture must be altered. Food companies want you to think that everything is due to lack of willpower so that they can continue their marketing without interference.

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