How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Maintain a Good Posture

Did you know that the way you stand, walk or sit affects your health? Your nervous system consists of the brain, nerves, and spinal cord, all protected by the spine. It also controls every function, organ, muscle, and cell in your body. Poor posture strains your spine, changing its biomechanics and altering certain body functions. Not only does this interfere with your nervous system, but it can also lead to pain. Take a look at some advantages of good posture and how a chiropractor can help you achieve that.

Why a Good Posture Is Important

The term good posture gets thrown around often. But do you know what it means? Good posture is the proper alignment of all body parts. It helps you walk, sit, stand, and lie down without straining your muscles too much. Some of the advantages of a good posture include the following:

  • Reduces strain or stress on the ligaments that support your spinal joints, thus reducing the possibility of injuries.
  • It keeps joints and bones aligned, ensuring you use your muscles correctly. As a result, you prevent abnormal wear and tear of the joints that can lead to pain and degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis.
  • Muscles work efficiently, reducing muscle fatigue.
  • It prevents muscle strain, muscular pain, and overuse disorders.

How Chiropractors Help Fix a Bad Posture

Back posture can make other body parts hurt, making your days difficult. Here are some of the ways a chiropractor will fix your bad posture.

Examine Your Posture

The first thing a chiropractor like Brad Kern will do is examine your posture. This assessment helps doctors identify exactly what is wrong with you. It’s also the only way they can determine the kind of help you need. The chiropractor will examine how you stand and observe things like a twisted pelvis, arched back, uneven shoulders, and other symmetry issues.

Use Various Chiropractic Adjustments to Fix the Problem

Most people get nervous when they think of chiropractor care because of the cracking sounds that come from this treatment. But be rest assured that it’s not your bones cracking as most people assume. Those sounds are simply your bones and muscles releasing the stress they were under. And if you select a well-trained chiropractor, you have nothing to worry about. With a few chiropractic adjustments, you can increase flexibility, enhance joint movement and reduce tension. This will help you restore good posture after a couple of sessions.

Work With Your Tissues

Bad posture doesn’t just affect your bones along the spine but the muscles as well, leading to other issues like pain, tension headaches, and bad moods. Chiropractors use muscle-strengthening exercises to correct any imbalances around your soft tissues. After a few rehabilitation exercises, you won’t feel pain when sitting or standing because your posture has been fixed.

A poor posture doesn’t just happen overnight. It happens gradually with the way you sit, stand or walk. Unfortunately, it affects your physical, emotional, and mental health. The good news is that a chiropractor can find what is causing your poor posture and correct the problem.


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