Unexpected Assets Divided During Divorce

What is not divisible in a divorce should actually be the question. Anything that qualifies as a commodity you shared while you were married may be categorized as marital assets and may be divided equally upon divorce.

The fact that you must share your 401(k), savings, stocks, and real estate in a divorce is not particularly noteworthy. More surprisingly, there are likely to be several personal belongings and digital assets up for grabs as well. The assets that are harder to split are occasionally the ones with sentimental worth or lower market values. 

When sharing property in a divorce, keep the following unanticipated assets in mind:

Digital downloads, streaming services, and media – Digital assets are everything that is kept in a digital format, such as music, video, books, and other material. While some of these commodities can be replicated and distributed, they often solely belong to one person, so you must contact divorce lawyers Boston, MA.

Seasonal passes and individual seat permits:

There may be a long waiting list for season tickets, and they may be in great demand. This is another reason why separating spouses frequently decide to keep their season tickets and distribute them equally after the divorce. Options include having partners switch off every other match or season. This can be more difficult, so you will need a divorce lawyer to assist you in understanding how to value the tickets and how to sell them if one spouse is considering buying out the other spouse for the rights to the season tickets or if you are thinking about selling them.

Personal collections of items:

Toys, comic books, LPs, wine, guitars, etc. When certain collections, like those of great art, are valued, it is more clear. Wine collections, musical instruments, video games, and even vintage toys may be valuable to certain collectors. Do not ever undervalue the worth of collectibles.

Refunds of tax:

You could imagine that a tax return you receive the year after your divorce will not be considered part of the divorce; however, tax refunds related to income generated during the marriage qualify as marital property.

NFTs, bitcoin, in-game items, websites, blogs, or domain names:

These are examples of valuable digital assets. Many people possess digital assets that are worth money. These can vary from cryptocurrencies to harder-to-value assets like a joint spouse’s Instagram profile, domain name, website, or blog.

Hotel points and frequent flyer miles:

Even though the frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards points are in one person’s name, they may be divided as marital property if you have accumulated them throughout your marriage. You may transfer points across credit cards and some airlines to divide them up.

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