Check Out These Largest Cities in Pennsylvania when You’re Moving

When youre ready to move, its important to pick a palace that has job options in affordable housing, which generally means you have to move to a heavily populated area. Thankfully, Pennsylvania offers three awesome cities that each have their own perks for those who want a better life.

These are the three largest cities in this great state, and why its such an awesome place to live.

Why Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has countless claims to fame that make it a winner. Not only is it one of the oldest states in the country, but its also full of endless natural beauty, fantastic entertainment, and people who know the importance of building a community.

Most importantly: Pennsylvania is still more affordable than most heavily populated states. When compared to the west coast, or nearby NYC, Pennsylvanias properties are always far more affordable.

1. Philadelphia

Population: 1,603,797 people as of 2020.

Philly is by far the largest city in this state, and there are plenty of reasons to live here! This City of Brotherly Love has become a hot destination for people who want to live on the coast but dont want to deal with nearly as high a cost of living as other states threaten. The extremely affordable properties, endless history and incredible museums, and great public transit make Philadelphia houses for sale a popular pick for almost anyone.

2. Pittsburgh

Population: 302,971 people as of 2020.

If you want a high quality of life while getting a great education and getting to live in a diverse city: its time to consider Pittsburgh. Although this city has had its rough times, its quickly rebuilding itself into something incredible. Not only are the arts thriving here, but technology and communication are both also doing very well in this city.

3. Allentown

Population: 125,845 people as of 2020.

When you want to live in a walkable community where it feels like you know everyone: move to Allentown! The subtropical climate keeps this area comfortable, and the locals are some of the friendliest people youll ever meet. This is a great place to start a family or retire if youre interested in a life change.

How to Prep Before Your Move

If youre getting ready to move to this great state, its vital that you take your time to plan as carefully as possible. This means looking at how much you can save up before you move, getting a job before you proceed to any of these cities, and having housing lined up. 

There are almost 13 million people in this state, so you need to make sure youre not competing against all of them for resources while youre also trying to get used to living in a new place.

Pennsylvania is Ready For You!

If youre ready to move to one of the most vibrant and incredible states in the country, Pennsylvania is eager to have you! Not only will you find history, art, and food that will blow your mind, but the sense of community is unlike any other area.

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