5 Key Signs That You Make a Good Candidate for Oral Sedation Dentistry

Do you cringe when someone mentions that it is your time to go for a dental visit? Are you worried and even second-guessing that visit, and would you do anything to skip it? Is it the smell that bothers you, or is it your sensitive gums making every stage of treatment painful? You have another alternative, known as oral sedation dentistry Pearland. During sedation dentistry, your dentist uses laughing gas or prescription medications to make dental care more comfortable. Do you want to know if you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry? Read on to learn more.

You Get Extremely Nervous When You Hear About a Dental Visit

Anxiety and dental phobia account for the larger percentage of reasons why sedation dentistry exists, and if you fall under this category, it is not a mystery. You may find yourself avoiding the dentist because of fear and nervousness. Oral sedation dentistry will suit you and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. You will not be asleep during the procedure, but you will also not be fully awake. Sedation dentistry leaves you conscious enough to respond if your dentist asks anything and sedates enough so you do not feel pain.

You Naturally Find Any Dental Work to Be Extremely Painful

You will always receive an oral numbing medication during any dental procedure that your dentist deems painful. However, you can still find the procedure discomforting because you live with extremely sensitive gums and teeth. Sedation dentistry will relieve you of the edge of pain during treatment, thus making the dental experience less scary. You can always talk to your dentist about oral sedation dentistry if you have sensitivity issues.

You Have a Strong Gag Reflex and Find Smells Offensive

You can find sedation dentistry beneficial if you find the smell in your dentists office and the sound of drills disturbing and uncomfortable. Also, you could have a strong gag reflex; dental procedures will be uncomfortable. Therefore, sedation dentistry will help to calm your gag reflex while making treatment more comfortable. Oral sedation will also help you avoid the smells you find unpleasant and disturbing sounds.

You Will Be Undergoing a Long and Traumatic Dental Procedure

Certain dental procedures may require several hours, and such a long period may be uncomfortable. The procedure will be more discomforting because you may have to keep your mouth open for long hours. Sedation dentistry offers an alternative to a pleasant and relaxing experience as you go through treatment.

When Local Anesthesia Is Ineffective

Your dentist will mostly use local anesthesia for simple procedures like cavity fillings. Usually, it will take effect in ten minutes and last up to an hour. However, you may not react to local anesthesia because of your anatomy. Sedation dentistry will work well for you in such a case.

Dental visits can be daunting and instill fear. Some dental procedures are painful and unbearable, while others are long and exhausting. To avoid the pain and endurance that can come with such lengthy and painful procedures, your dentist will recommend sedation dentistry to help you relax and be comfortable throughout treatment. Sedation dentistry is safe and will make the whole experience enjoyable. You can also ask for sedation dentistry for your child if they are usually restless and fear going through dental procedures.

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